October 1, 2020

VILLA TASSO, Fla— Walton County Sheriff’s Office is partnering with Walton County Code Compliance Department to take the trash out of Villa Tasso.

For the next 90 days starting October 1st Code Compliance will be under a special magistrate to help clean up abandoned vehicles, dilapidated structures, and trash in the Villa Tasso community.

“We’re here to help the situation and to assist anyone who may be suffering from financial hardship,” said Lieutenant Paula Pendleton, the District 2 Commander.

Walton County Sheriff’s Office has met with concerned residents in the area and has been actively tagging vehicles parked or disabled in the county right-of-way to be towed.

“It’s a concept called Broken Window,” said Pendleton. “Hopefully, when people start seeing their neighbors cleaning up, they will want to do the same.”

On September 24th, more than 30 residents and homeowners from Villa Tasso attended a community meeting held by WCSO and Code Enforcement to spread the word on the new initiative.

“They’re all excited about it and glad it’s happening,” said Tony Cornman, director for Walton County Code Compliance Department. “We’re going to help to get it cleaned up.”

Code Compliance is currently working on more than 30 cases in Villa Tasso.

“It’s a team effort and we want to make people proud to live here again,” said Pendleton.