Emergency Services Division

The Emergency Services Division is comprised of the Animal Services Bureau, the Fire Rescue Bureau and the Communications Bureau. Chief of Operations Audie Rowell oversees the entire Emergency Services Division.


The Emergency Services Bureau is commanded by Fire Chief Tracey Vause. This Division is responsible for 911 communications and providing fire suppression and fire prevention services to nine of the twelve fire districts and emergency medical services (EMS) to all twelve fire districts north of the bay in Walton County.

Fire Rescue Districts

  • District 1 : Paxton
  • District 2: Woodlawn & Pleasant Ridge
  • District 3: Gaskin & Darlington
  • District 4: DeFuniak Springs
  • District 5: Windswept
  • District 6: Glendale
  • District 7: Liberty
  • District 8: Redbay
  • District 9: Argyle
  • District 10: Choctaw Beach
  • District 11: Mossy Head
  • District 12: Freeport

Communications Bureau

The Communications Bureau is the Public Safety Answering Center (911 Center). This bureau includes law enforcement & fire rescue communication officers and supervisory staff that answer and monitor over 150,000 emergency and non-emergency calls per year.  WCSO communication officers are certified in Emergency Medical Dispatch and CPR.


Both the Animal Services Bureau is commanded by Captain Angie Hogeboom.

Animal Services Bureau

The Walton County Animal Shelter is one of the core responsibilities of Walton County Animal Services, a division of the Walton County Sheriff’s Office. Walton County Animal Control Officers respond to calls from the public in regards to stray, lost or abandoned animals in Walton County and are responsible for safely transporting these animals to the Walton County Animal Shelter, a public facility dedicated to providing a safe, temporary shelter for lost, stray and abandoned animals. The shelter staff cares for the animals while they search for their rightful owners or find them a permanent home through adoption or transfers to rescue partners.