Volunteer at WCAS

woman petting dog on ground outside The Walton County Animal Shelter depends on the citizens of this community and the volunteers that give so much of their time and energy into loving and caring for the animals at the shelter. At the Walton County Animal Shelter, there is an opportunity for anyone looking to help out, whether you prefer to work closely with the animals or help out around the office.


For anyone that loves spending time with animals, volunteering at WCAS is sure to be a rewarding experience. Whether you spend your time walking the dogs, bathing and grooming the animals or handling the cats to prevent them from becoming afraid of people, bringing love into these animals’ lives for possibly the first time is sure to make it all worth the while. You can also help out by helping to perform behavior tests on the animals. Many people who are looking to adopt or foster an animal from the shelter want to know how the dogs or cats get along with other animals, people or children. By performing these strategic behavior tests, we are able to place animals in the perfect homes for them.

If you would prefer to work a little less hands-on but would still like to help the shelter, you can help out around the office by answering phone calls, sorting through paperwork and helping with any other day-to-day operational needs. You can also help set up and find dogs and cats forever homes at some of our off-site adoption events.


At the Walton County Animal Shelter, we hold our staff and volunteers to a very high standard. We want volunteers that share our passion to save the lives of the animals of Walton County.

The first step to becoming a volunteer is to fill out the VOLUNTEER APPLICATION. This application covers our policies and procedures for volunteers, and it allows us to get to know potential volunteers. We will review the applications and contact volunteer applicants as soon as possible.

For more information, please contact Patricia, Volunteer Coordinator, at [email protected] or call (850) 892-8758.