Animal Services

The Animal Services Bureau is comprised of Animal Control and the Walton County Animal Shelter. Captain Angie Hogeboom oversees the entire Animal Services Bureau.

Walton County Animal Control officers respond to calls from the public in regards to stray, lost, or abandoned animals in Walton County and are responsible for safely transporting these animals to the Walton County Animal Shelter, a public facility dedicated to providing a safe, temporary shelter for lost, stray, and abandoned animals. The shelter staff cares for the animals while they search for their rightful owners or find them a permanent home through adoption or transfers to rescue partners.

The Walton County Animal Shelter is open Tuesday through Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. This may exclude holidays. For assistance after hours, please call (850) 892-8111. DO NOT leave animals unattended outside the shelter after hours.

If an animal is brought into the shelter as a stray or lost pet, the Walton County Animal Shelter holds the pet for three days to give its owners a chance to claim them. The animals can be viewed in the Lost Pets section of our website. After three business days, if the animal is not claimed by their rightful owner, the shelter staff will evaluate the animal, ruling out underlying medical conditions and/or temperament issues, to determine if the animal is adoptable. If an animal is surrendered to the shelter by their owner, the shelter is not required to hold the animal for three days. The animal will be evaluated for adoption upon intake. Once an animal is deemed adoptable, it will be featured in the Adopt A Pet section of our website.

Our adoption fee is $55, which includes spay/neuter, age-appropriate vaccinations, and a free microchip.

CLICK HERE to view Walton County Ordinance 2022-16 regarding animal control and services.



The Walton County Animal Shelter is managed by Animal Services Manager Patricia Weingartner.

Walton County Animal Shelter
365 Triple G Road
DeFuniak Springs, FL 32433
(850) 892-8111



Walton County Animal Control is managed by Animal Control Manager Joe Everett.

To request an animal control officer, please call (850) 892-8682.