Adopt A Cat

The cats listed below are currently AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION at the Walton County Animal Shelter.

For more information about one of these cats, please contact us at (850) 892-8758  or by email at [email protected] and reference the ID number located in the caption of the photo.

Gray and orange dilute tortoise shell cat standing on a tan towel
White, cream, and gray cat crouching on a royal blue towel
Black cat crouched down on a purple towel
White and gray tabby cat lying on a large cat bed
Gray and white cat next to blue food bowl on a cat tower
Black and white cat sitting on a purple towel
Orange tabby cat with white feet standing on top of a purple towel
Gray and black tabby cat lying on her side on a white towel
Light gray tabby cat with short hair lying on a white towel in a kennel
Gray and white tabby kitten standing on a white towel