Red Walton County Fire Rescue Ambulance in Front of HospitalMay 2, 2019

WALTON COUNTY, Fla— Walton County Fire Rescue wants to hear from you.

In a continuous effort to improve customer service and provide the utmost medical care for the citizens and visitors of Walton County, Walton County Fire Rescue is seeking citizen input to help gauge how EMS personnel are doing in the performance of their duties.

“Our primary mission at the Walton County Sheriff’s Office and Walton County Fire Rescue is to provide residents and visitors of Walton County with exemplary care both in emergency and non-emergency situations,” says Sheriff Michael Adkinson. “What better way to do that than ask the people of your community for their feedback?”

Walton County Fire Rescue is seeking to not only improve our medical department but also obtain information as to other services we might add to benefit our citizens.

An outside firm is conducting the survey so all information collected can be properly analyzed by a neutral source. Anyone who fills out the information and answers the survey can rest assure their input is secure.

We sincerely appreciate your input in helping us to improve our service to the citizens and visitors of Walton County and to our “Commitment to Excellence.”

To take the survey copy click on the following link or copy and paste it into your browser.