November 27, 2019

WALTON COUNTY, Fla— An anonymous tip leads to the discovery of two dogs in grave condition. The owner of the animals has been charged.

On November 26th, Walton County Animal Control responded to a residence on Hinote Road after an anonymous report of animal abuse. The animal control officer was assisted by a deputy and the two attempted contact at the house on the property, but no one responded.

A dog pen and dogs were located and further investigation revealed two dogs in extreme distress.

One of them, a hound, was laying on the concrete floor of the pen in blood, feces, and urine and was barely breathing. While trying to give care to the animal, it passed away. The second dog was so weak she could barely stand and was extremely malnourished. Both were without water.

Walton County Criminal Investigations Bureau sent an Animal Abuse Investigator who responded to continue the investigation.

Mug shot of Samantha Bishop

The owner and responsible person for the dogs was identified as Samantha Bishop, 30. Bishop told investigators she fed and cared for the dogs every day.

The condition of the animals and their living conditions did not corroborate her statements and Bishop was arrested and charged with two felony counts of aggravated animal cruelty. She was given a $5,000 bond and was ordered not to have any animals.

Investigators took custody of the surviving dog and she was initially evaluated by Dr. Jay Blackwood.

“She looked like a little skeleton with skin draped over it,” said Walton County Animal Shelter Staff, who are currently caring for her. “Her feet had sores and blisters, likely from standing in her own feces and urine. As a dog that should weigh 45-50 pounds, she came in at 29 pounds.”

“We’re calling her Hope,” said Tina Barker, WCAS Manager. “She in good hands and we’re looking forward to her recovery.”

To help in the recovery of Hope, make donations out to Walton County Animal Shelter.