These roads are closed per Walton County Public Works as of 5am:

Barricades in place on Crooked Creek Road – Closed

Indian Creek Ranch Road – Closed

Red Hill Road – Closed

Sherwood Road – Closed

Bunker and Steel Field Road – Closed

400 Block White Creek Road – Closed until Chelco can remove a tree from power line. Requires a boat for removal. No power to approximately 50 customers in area.

County Road 181 West of Gaskin at Eight Mile Creek – Water is on the deck of the bridge – Will reopen when water recedes.

W C Currington Road – Closed

Walton Bridge Road – Closed

North Walton:

700 block of Woodlawn Road – Passable.

The second bridge on Hinote Road is covered in water. Water is over the road and is backed up 100 yards from bridge.

Laird Road completely covered in water – Signs posted.

River Road in Ponce de Leon – water over the first bridge, not passable from 1700 block to the park.


Bunker and Steel Field Road – Flooding.

Alaqua Cove Road covered with water in several places – Not passable.

Johns Lane completely covered in water.

Alaqua Park covered in water.

South Walton:

Water over the road in the area of 140 Montigo Avenue – Not Passable at least 1-2 feet of water on roadway, 100 yards section under water and unable to check homes.

800 Block of Mack Bayou Road flooded.

Chat Holly Road just East of Osprey is under about 9 inches of water.

Chat Holly/Nellie/Indian Woman: Water over roadway approximately 80 yards north on Indian Woman and approximately 50-75 yards on each side.

Jack Knife Rd is under water, Public Works notified.

Road covered in water E Nursery Rd/Tranquility Ln.

DOT Notified 02/12:

13500 US Highway 81 South

4736 US Highway 331 South area of the construction washing.

1780 State Highway 81 South area of Pusley Hill, north bound lane holding water.