Eight firefighters and eight deputies from Walton County Sheriff’s Office pose with their newly achieved EMT Certifications

August 21, 2019

WALTON COUNTY, Fla— Eight firefighters and eight deputies from Walton County Sheriff’s Office have graduated from the first-ever hybrid Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) program out of Northwest Florida State College.

The EMT Course Completion Certificate signifies these sixteen individuals have learned the basic skills for pre-hospital medical care to apply in their daily duties as public safety employees. In addition, graduates have learned what is necessary to evaluate a patient’s condition and to manage respiratory, cardiac, and trauma emergencies.

An EMT pin sits on a table at the EMT Graduation Ceremony.

The course, which typically takes a period of four to six months to complete, was condensed into a 10-week course in which students attended class and were required to complete 88 hours of clinical in 60 days. Clinicals were divided into four, 12-hour shifts on an ambulance and five, eight-hour shifts in an emergency room.

They successfully completed all of this while simultaneously working their normal shifts as deputies and firefighters and managing their life at home.

“These men and women have already shown an immense desire to serve their community,” said Sheriff Michael Adkinson. “This adds another layer to the services we can provide to our citizens.”

Walton County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank Northwest Florida State College for accommodating this special group of men and women.

The following are graduates and now hold an EMT Class Completion Certification and will be moving forward to earn state certification to provide an additional service the residents and visitors of Walton County:


Samuel Dunaway

Conner Gunn

Garrett Rosner

David Talley

Tommy Thilett

Stormy Van Cleve

Bailey Hottinger

Kyle Owens


WCFR Firefighters

Noah Collins

Blake Henderson

John McCormack

Ryan Summers

Kristyn Silver

Jake Wooley

Jeff McVay

Kyle Morris