During a state of emergency it’s against the law for necessary commodities like food, gas, lumber, and water to grossly exceed the average price of the item.

If you see price gouging occurring in your community, report the information to the Attorney General’s Price Gouging Hotline at 866-966-7226. You may also report violations online at

For more information on price gouging please visit:…/5D2710E379EAD6BC85256F03006AA2C…

To AVOID becoming a victim of price gouging PLAN AHEAD.
Prepare for a disaster BEFORE it happens. ALWAYS have the following items on hand:
Five gallons of drinking water per person in your household.
At least two working flashlights.
A portable radio.
A telephone with a cord – If the electrical power is lost, a cordless telephone will not work.
An ample supply of batteries to power these and other items.
A full tank of propane and charcoal if you have a charcoal grill.
Non-perishable food items.
Formula and diapers, if you have young children in the home.
Although not essential, board games, books and playing cards might be helpful to entertain young children.
Additionally, do not forget to make plans to care for any pets.