Photo of a white male in handcuffs with a gold chain and a hat on. WALTON COUNTY, Fla— A 25-year-old Miramar Beach man is arrested for attempted robbery just seven days after he’s released from jail.

On Sunday evening, September 10th, Walton County Sheriff’s Office responded to the Embassy Suites, in Miramar Beach following a report of an attempted robbery by a hotel employee.

The victim told deputies while on her break at a gazebo behind the hotel, a white male quickly approached her with his hands in his pockets and demanded she give him money. The victim immediately ran from the area and back into the hotel.

When reviewing video surveillance footage, deputies were able to see the encounter and corroborate the victim’s version of events, identifying the suspect.

An investigator from Walton County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Bureau was conducting a follow-up investigation on September 12th when he noticed a subject matching the description of the suspect in the robbery walking near the hotel and, moments later, rummaging through the trash.

The subject, Tayton Johnson, 25, had a unique gait that the investigator identified immediately.Mug shot of a white male with short brown hair and an orange jumpsuit.

Later, the victim positively identified Johnson as the man who attempted to rob her the night before.

During Johnson’s arrest, he immediately began shouting and cursing and attempted to avoid arrest by pulling away. Johnson became increasingly irate, shouting profanities to deputies repeatedly.

Through a subsequent investigation, it was discovered Johnson was released from the Walton County Jail on September 3rd, 2023, after being arrested and serving a sentence for an attempted carjacking that occurred in the same neighborhood in April of 2022. Johnson lives on S Geronimo Street in Miramar Beach nearly 700 feet from the hotel.

Johnson was arrested for one count of attempted robbery without a weapon, loitering or prowling, and obstruction without violence. He was transported and booked into the Walton County Jail. He was issued a $10,000 bond and is still incarcerated at the time of this release.