Seacrest, Fla— A 6-year-old golden retriever is back in cool temperatures after being accidentally locked inside his family’s vehicle in Seacrest Beach.

“Doodle” was eager to go on a ride in the family’s SUV Monday afternoon. So eager, in fact, that he snuck in through an open door while his owner was getting chairs out of the roof cargo box on top of the vehicle. His owner’s left for the beach not knowing the dog was inside.

Thanks to Seacrest security and some passerby’s they noticed the dog stuck in the car with the temperature inside rising by the minute. Deputy Pat Colbert happened to be conducting a security check in the area when he was flagged down. He observed the dog inside the vehicle panting heavily, shedding, and showing fatigue.

Colbert quickly got the vehicle unlocked and let the golden retriever out; giving him some much needed fresh air and water. The dog recovered at a neighbor’s home until the owners could be located.

“It’s critical during hot weather to double and triple check your vehicles before leaving them for an extended period of time,” said Sheriff Michael Adkinson. “We want to do whatever we can to prevent tragedies.”