ALERTDEFUNIAK SPRINGS, FLA– Walton County Sheriff’s Office received a call from a Mirar Beach resident this week regarding a phone scam. The resident advised a man, who said his name was Sam, called her from (850)-306-6278 claiming he worked for Walton County Sheriff’s Office.

The man went on to say Walton County Sheriff’s Office was collecting donations to help fund the Sheriff’s Office. The resident knew the call was a scam and hung up very quickly.

Upon searching the phone number in Google, it was discovered that within the past two weeks, numerous people have posted the same incidents with this phone number.

As a reminder, Walton County Sheriff’s Office will never call and solicit donations of any kind. If you would like to call and report a scam please call us at (850)-892-8111. Please inform your loved ones of this incident, especially those susceptible to being scammed.