Mug shot of Thomas Keebler, a white male with gray and black facial hair and black hair.April 27, 2023

WALTON COUNTY, Fla— An Alabama man faces child abuse and battery charges after a road rage incident in Walton County involving a juvenile.

On April 21st Walton County Sheriff’s Office responded to the Boggy Bayou Store on Highway 20 in Niceville after a call regarding a fight in the parking lot of the business.

Deputies learned the suspect, Thomas Keebler, 40, of Valley, Alabama had followed the victim into the store and parked in front of their vehicle to prevent them from leaving after tailgating them and aggressively passing the car on Highway 20. Inside the victim’s car were two passengers, one was a juvenile.

The incident was captured on the store’s camera system. Keebler is seen aggressively exiting his truck while enraged and lunges at the passenger and attempts to strike the back seat passenger. The third passenger attempts to exit the vehicle, but Keebler kicks the door multiple times to prevent them from leaving. Keebler then shoves one of the victims, who is a juvenile, to the ground. The driver of the car tries to intervene, but Keebler puts him in a headlock, striking him numerous times in the head.

After the altercation, Keebler fled from the scene.

Walton County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Intelligence identified Keebler, who we have previously ticketed multiple times this year, and contacted him. He turned himself into the Walton County Jail on Tuesday evening.

“This is an individual our deputies have encountered numerous times,” said Sheriff Michael Adkinson. “Not to mention his extensive criminal history which includes driving under the influence, assault, possession of cocaine, terroristic threats, public intoxication, and more from jurisdictions across the southeast. He is a danger on the road and off.”

Keebler was charged with battery, criminal mischief, and child abuse. He was issued a $5,000 bond and released on April 26th.