For Immediate Release

April 18, 2016

Santa Rosa Beach, Fla — An anonymous donor pays for the veterinary care of a dog hit by a reckless driver after Walton County Sheriff’s deputies receive the call on LivePD on A&E.

On Saturday night, the Walton County Sheriff’s Office was notified a dog had been run over by a vehicle along Indian Woman Road in Santa Rosa Beach. The caller stated the driver was swerving and nearly ran over her son before hitting the dog and fleeing the scene. When animal control arrived on the scene, they found an injured female dog. The dog, who has since been named Dora by the staff at the Walton County Animal Shelter, was up and walking around but sustained injuries to her left hind leg.

“It’s always sad when our Animal Control Officers receive these kinds of calls,” says Tina Barker, Animal Services Manager for the Walton County Animal Shelter. “You never like hearing someone has injured an animal and did not stop to help it, but she is recovering nicely and loving all of the attention she’s getting from everyone here at the shelter.”

After watching the episode on A&E’s LivePD, an anonymous donor offered to pay for the veterinary treatment of the injured dog. A local veterinarian determined that Dora’s pelvis was broken in three places and prescribed kennel rest for eight weeks but says she will fully recover. The Walton County Animal Shelter is currently trying to find Dora’s rightful owner. If anyone has any information, please call the shelter at (850) 892-8758.