“On my way home today, some time shortly after 5, I saw one of Walton County’s finest, lights flashing on the side of the road near Small-Mart (traveling eastbound) with a white suv/hybrid type – like a hyunda santa fe or a ford escape, something like that. He was changing the lady driver’s tire! Very nice to see. Thanks to that officer! I also noticed that he had parked his vehicle (also an suv of sorts) in a way that protected the two of them. Kudos!”

– Jonathan Bennett

“Thank you for working so hard to get me out of my trapped Chevy truck on Sunday. They said no broken bones, and I will be alright. Thank you again for saving my life.”

– Arnold Gillespie

“They work really hard to place the animals in good homes. They tend to pets that need extra medical attention. Their shelter is clean and they have awesome volunteers. I’ve got 2 Walton dogs I adopted in 2012 and they are doing great. I post and share your pets so they can be seen and returned to owner or adopted to a forever home. I want to again apologize for the unfavorable review I posted last week . It was fake news and I stupidly believed it. Keep up the good work.”

– Dottie Edge