Protecting Large Animals

If you plan to evacuate large animals using a trailer, plan to hit the road at least 72 hours before the storm is due to hit to avoid heavy traffic and high winds. Make sure to bring proper paperwork, health certificates, and vaccination records with you.

The safest place for large animals to weather a storm is in a large pasture with both low areas that provide shelter during a storm and higher areas that will not flood after the storm. Be sure to close barn and/or stall doors, and open all interior pasture gates. Do not leave large animals in barns during a storm. Shut off main electrical breakers and close gas and water valves.

Put some form of ID on all animals before turning them out. Large animals can oftentimes be found wandering outside of damaged enclosures following a storm. Maintain a box with halters, leads, tape, rope, tarps, plastic and fly spray. Store in a secure place. Keep a supply of plastic neck bands with permanent ID markings. Put metal ID plates on halters, and halter all horses before a storm.

Stock up on at least a two-week supply of feed and medical supplies before the storm. Medications and bandages should be kept inside the home and in waterproof containers. Store vehicles, livestock trailers, etc., in the middle of the largest open areas away from buildings and trees.