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Welcome to the Walton County Sheriff's Office Website

"We have been recognized as a leader in law enforcement innovation and have received state accreditation. The men and women of your sheriff's office have demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and a commitment to service to the citizens and visitors of this county. It is an honor and privilege to serve with them." ~ Sheriff Mike Adkinson

Senior Programs

A free service of daily phone calls to check on your safety.
The telephone program eases the concern of friends and relatives, who may find it difficult to maintain constant reliable contact. This program is designed for the safety and security of our elderly citizens. A database is maintained by the Walton County Sheriffs Office of persons who are enrolled in the program. This database includes your demographic information and one to three caregiver contacts.

Here's how it works!
Each morning dispatchers from the sheriff's office are assigned to call the registered person and ask If everything is fine and contact is made then the call maker notes the contact time in the file.

What happens if you do not answer the phone?

If there is no answer or the line is busy, the dispatcher will try 2 more times. If there is still no answer then a deputy is sent to the registered address to check on the person.

What if your door is locked?

When you become a subscriber to the program you will be asked to identify other key holders who may assist in an emergency situation.

When can you be called?

The calls begin at 6 AM, seven (7) days a week. You will routinely receive your call around the same time each morning.

Who is eligible?

This free service is available to any resident of Walton County over the age of 55, or to residents who are home bound, the medically disabled – either on a permanent or long term basis regardless of age. The program can be used with other programs in which you are enrolled.

Stopping the service?

If you have to stop the service temporarily, call the Walton County Sheriff's Office Communications Center at 892-8111 and give the appropriate information. If you have to change the information on your data sheet or want to cancel the program call the WCSO Communications Center at 892-8111

If you would like to JOIN!

If you would like to join the telephone program call the WCSO Communications Center at 892-8111

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Hyper-Reach Notifications

Get instant notifications sent to your cellular phone, land line, email, and/or TDD. Select the alerts you want to receive and be notified of local emergencies, community alerts and weather alerts.

What Our Community is Saying

  • I am grateful for the young lives that our sheriffs department have probably saved. Thanks for keeping your citizens and your spring breakers safe. Making a clear statement that underage drinking will not be tolerated prevents an untold number of crimes and injuries from happening. Y'all do an excellent job!
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