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Found Property

To retrieve property being held by the Walton County Sheriff’s Office, the Evidence Section requires that you provide proof of ownership, if applicable, and a driver’s license as personal identification. If possible, please bring the Sheriff’s Office Case Number to assist us in expediting your request.

Please keep in mind that the Evidence Section is merely a holding facility and Evidence personnel do not make the sole decision regarding whether or not your property can be released. Releases are based on various levels of authorization and property will only be released with the required authorization.

Found Property List

Last Updated 2/18/2015

Case   Number Date Reported Description Last Day to   Claim
14-006153 11/19/2014 brown purse with misc   items 2/19/2014
14-006115 11/19/2014 black leather wallet   w/ misc credit cards 2/19/2014
14-006331 11/25/2014 4 HP Tiller 2/25/2014
14-006348 11/25/2014 Generator 2/25/2014
14-006603 12/12/2014 Black Handbag   w/Silver Stars 3/12/2014
15-000152 1/12/2015 bag with misc   clothing 4/12/2015
15-000078 1/13/2015 black wallet with   cards 4/13/2015
15-000191 1/14/2015 brown wallet with FL   DL, Voter Card, SS Card and misc cards 4/14/2015
15-000706 2/17/2015 red wallet with FL   driver's license and numerous business cards 5/17/2015
15-000652 2/18/2015 multi color wallet w/   FL DL and debit card 5/18/2015
15-000653 2/18/2015 florida driver   license 5/18/2015
15-000653 2/18/2015 black visa debit card 5/18/2015