Citizen Services

Reporting a Crime

In an emergency call 9-1-1. Remain calm and answer the questions asked by the dispatch personnel. The following list will be some of the information you will be asked:
  • Type of Crime
  • Location of crime
  • Crime in progress or when it occurred
  • Description of vehicle
  • Description of suspect
  • Suspect Armed?
  • Direction of travel
  • Give your name, address, and phone number
  • Stay on line until you are told to hang up
After calling police, activate your Neighborhood Watch telephone chain. If you come home to find you have been burglarized, do not enter your house or apartment. Immediately find a phone and call the police. Wait at a safe nearby location until they arrive. If the crime has already occurred and you need to file a report you may do so at any of our office locations. If you would like to report a crime anonymously you may do so my contacting Crime Stoppers at 888-654-TIPS (8477).

If you witness a crime

If you see or suspect a crime is being committed, pay particular attention to the features of the offender(s) and any vehicles involved. Try to be prepared to provide at least the following about the offenders:
  • Age, race, height, and weight
  • Hair color and style, beard and mustache
  • Notable characteristics (acne, scars, glasses mental state, etc.)
  • Clothing description
  • Location where last seen
  • Last known direction of travel
  • Vehicle description and distinctive markings
When reporting a crime by telephone, remain on the phone until the communications officer is fully briefed with all the information necessary to dispatch the appropriate response personnel to the scene.

Witnesses who wish to remain anonymous may do so. It is more important that a response be dispatched as quickly as possible.

If you are a victim

If you or someone you know is a victim of a crime, report the offense immediately. Timely reporting of a crime improves the possibility of suspect apprehension and recovery of stolen property. If you are victimized, it is very important that you provide the investigating officer with as much information about the incident as possible.