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Welcome to the Walton County Sheriff's Office Website

"We have been recognized as a leader in law enforcement innovation and have received state accreditation. The men and women of your sheriff's office have demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and a commitment to service to the citizens and visitors of this county. It is an honor and privilege to serve with them." ~ Sheriff Mike Adkinson

Front Desk

The Front Desk is manned by one individual who registers Sex Offenders/Predators and updates their information, they do community notifications when applicable on Sex Offenders/Predators. They do felony registrations, update FDLE sex offender/predator database with verified addresses. They handle walk in's, write reports, and handle telephone calls from people who have questions, need legal advice, or information about a civil issue. They provide Live Scan Fingerprinting for individuals trying to acquire different licenses or permits. They issue Trespass warnings and write incident reports for minor offenses.

2013 Highlights:

  • Served Warrants - 179
  • Registered Sex Offenders/Predator Registrations/Re-Registrations - 353
  • Felony Registrations – 364
  • Citizen Phone Calls – 2,498
  • Walk-ins – 374
  • Incident Reports written – 63
  • Live Scanned Prints – 472
  • Predator Community Notifications – 41
  • Offender/Predator Address Verifications – 1,432
  • D.O.C. Notice of Release - 22

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Hyper-Reach Notifications

Get instant notifications sent to your cellular phone, land line, email, and/or TDD. Select the alerts you want to receive and be notified of local emergencies, community alerts and weather alerts.

What Our Community is Saying

  • I am grateful for the young lives that our sheriffs department have probably saved. Thanks for keeping your citizens and your spring breakers safe. Making a clear statement that underage drinking will not be tolerated prevents an untold number of crimes and injuries from happening. Y'all do an excellent job!
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