Operations Review Bureau

Continuous Improvement

In keeping with the Sheriff's vision of "Commitment to Excellence" a Continuous Improvement Unit (CIU) was formed. The purpose is to look at all processes within the agency and to review and define better ways to implement them.

Utilizing LEAN, a Toyota Manufacturing concept as the model for this endeavour, the primary function of the CIU is to eliminate waste, producing greater efficiency, better operating methods, reduction in time and movement ultimately saving dollars.

While the selection of the processes to improve is driven by the Executive level, the ideas for improving the actual process is developed and implemented by the rank and file. The importance of agency member involvement cannot be overstated. This has helped institute an e-suggestion box that is fully transparent and open to all for suggestions. The CIU must route these suggestions to the appropriate Bureau to be acted upon.

CIU is a systemic approach to identifying and elimination of waste through constant analysis of agency processes in pursuit of perfection. This drives the foundation for Commitment to Excellence.