Law Enforcement Operations

Field Training Officer Program

The purpose of the Field Training and Evaluation Program (FTO) is to train new deputies so that each is prepared to function as an independent deputy at the conclusion of their training cycle. The training cycle consists of intensive on-the-job training and daily performance evaluations. Training is conducted and staffed by one FTO Sergeant and six (6) field training officers on a 24-hour basis. Field training officers have the dual responsibility of providing service in their assigned geographical areas, as well as conducting training and evaluations for new deputies. Field training supervisors are responsible for the supervision of all members assigned to their teams and for coordinating and supervising the on-the-job training of deputy recruits.

Deputies are required to meet specific performance standards before being certified for independent patrol duty. After completion of the FTO program, each deputy is assigned to a patrol team. During this time, the deputy is evaluated on a regular basis by their supervisor until they are ready for independent service.