Law Enforcement Operations

Evidence and Property Section

Crime-SceneThe four (4) members of the Evidence and Property Section are trained Crime Scene Technicians (CSTs) and are available 24 hours per day. The CSTs respond to and process all types of crime scenes, from simple theft cases to complicated, intricate homicide investigations. The crime scene technicians responded 239 times during 2013 to process crime scenes. 14,316 computer entries were made to track property transactions.

A total of 20,082 items were logged into evidence and stored in the evidence section. In addition, they assist other members of the agency, as well as other agencies, in the use of the grant-funded mobile crime scene/command vehicle.

2013 Criminal Investigations Highlights:

  • 1341 Cases Assigned for follow-up
  • 782 Cases Closed
  • 222 Warrants and Arrests made