Law Enforcement Operations

Criminal Investigations Bureau

CIBThe Criminal Investigations Bureau is comprised of thirty-three (33) members and is managed by Captain Bruce Maddox. The members include a Lieutenant over Persons and Property Crimes, a Lieutenant over Crime Scene and Evidence, and a Lieutenant over the Vice/Narcotics Unit. Two sergeants are assigned to the Bureau, one over criminal investigations in the north-end office and one to criminal investigations in the south-end office. These sergeants supervise both persons and property crimes investigators. A third Sergeant is assigned to the Vice/Narcotics Unit to assist in day-to-day supervisory duties. The Criminal Investigations Bureau also includes the WCSO's the victim advocate and a staff administrative assistant.

The Criminal Investigations Bureau conducts follow-up investigations generated from the Patrol Bureau, and also initiates criminal investigations evolving from criminal intelligence, confidential informants, technology, and self-generated information.