Law Enforcement Operations

Canine Unit

k9-2The Canine (K-9) Unit consists of four highly trained teams that assist in the apprehension of suspects and the seizure of illegal drugs including, marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine. Members of this unit train weekly on their skills along with their assigned canine to maintain a successful canine team. All canine teams are trained and certified annually to conform to United States Police Canine Association regulation and to the National Narcotic Detection Dog Association. Sergeant Nick Bearden maintains certification as a canine instructor and continues providing internal training for the canine teams.

Each team is a specialized unit who performs a wide array of search and enforcement functions.
Sergeant Nick Bearden
Canine Duko

Deputy Leo Cook
Canine Ella

Deputy Chris Whatmough
Canine Faro
Kristin Pond
Deputy Kristin Pond
Canine Kayne

In 2013, the Canine Unit conducted approximately 1,540 traffic stops. During these stops, the Canine Unit deployed their canines approximately 277 times resulting in 118 narcotic finds. The Canine Unit was also deployed onto 25 tracks with 13 subjects being located. This ranged from cases involving suspects in crimes to missing children. There have been 110 arrests made by the unit and members of this team have assisted in helping patrol and other agencies make arrests as well.

During this year, there have been several big cases the unit has worked, resulting in charges of trafficking in narcotics to methamphetamine labs. Several of these cases are still under investigation by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

K9-school-visit2013 Canine Unit Numbers:

  • Traffic Stops: 1,540
  • Arrests: 2110
  • Narcotic Deploy/Finds: 277/118
  • Track Deploy/Success: 25/13
  • Forfeitures Cash: $311,684
  • Forfeitures Vehicles: 5
  • Forfeitures Misc: 2 stolen guns, 1 gun associated with drugs