Law Enforcement Operations

Beach/Marine Unit

Beach-unit-01The Beach and Marine Unit is assigned the responsibility of ensuring safety and security on Walton County's 26 miles of sugar white beaches as well as the county's 180 miles of waterways.

These dedicated deputies work closely with citizens, business owners and tourists to maintain order and address any concerns. They are often the only governmental officials who interact with visitors on our pristine gulf coast.

The unit spends countless hours on boats, ATVs, wave runners and four-wheel drive trucks, patrolling the beaches and waterways. The ten deputies and one sergeant assigned to this unit are responsible for enforcing all laws and county ordinances as well as conducting water rescues and searches for lost children and adults along the beaches, waterways and surrounding areas.


  • 19-foot Cape Horn marine vessel
    This vessel is equipped with FLIR system, a heat imaging system used for night operations and rescue missions, a high resolution bottom sonar device that enables us to locate submerged vessels and objects and an advanced radar system.
  • dive-0225-foot Nautica marine vessel
    This vessel has inflatable pontoons which enables the boat to perform in shallow water and is a valuable asset for the dive team for search and rescue operations. It is equipped with side scan sonar.
  • 16-foot Key West marine vessel
    This vessel is designed to maneuver in shallow water and is utilized for bay and inland waterway patrol and operations.
  • Two (2) Yamaha Wave Runners
    These vessels are used for coastal and bay patrol and rescue missions.
  • Five (5) All Terrain Vehicles
    The ATVs are used during patrols along the coastline and to gain access to areas which are inaccessible by vehicles.

2013 Beach Patrol Highlights:

  • Answered 12,892 calls for service
  • Conducted 92 water rescues
  • Issued 2,482 beach ordinance citations and warnings
  • Issued 113 uniform traffic citations
  • Made 735 arrests