Financial Services Division

Accounting and Budget

The budget for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2013 is $18.6 million. Personnel services, which includes all salaries and employee benefits represents $14.4 million (78%) of the budget. Operating expenses represent $3.2 million (18%) and consists of fuel, technology, repairs and maintenance, communications, utilities and risk management costs. The final expenditures included $974,438 of capital outlay which was funded almost entirely by grants.

  • General Ledger – accurate recording of all financial transactions
  • Banking – ensuring the secure and timely processing of all banking activities
  • Invoices/Payments – timely and efficient payments to all vendors and employees
  • Payroll – processing all payments of salaries and benefits along with required reporting in compliance with state and federal agencies
  • Internal Controls – establishing and monitoring controls over financial transactions of the agency
  • Receipts – controlling receipts of all monies until deposited into the proper bank accounts
  • Grant Reporting – preparing all financial reports for timely submission to various grantor agencies
  • Agency Funds – maintaining secure accounts for all monies held in trust for other agencies and individuals
  • Audited Financial Statements – preparation of the agency's annual financial statements and working with independent auditors to ensure the timely completion of the annual audit


  • Obtained an Unqualified Independent Auditor's Report on the agency's FY13 financial statements which included no findings of non-compliance and no recommendations for improvement to management.
  • Minimized expenditures of county budgeted funds for capital outlay including new patrol vehicles.
  • Administered $1.2 million in grants for the following purposes:
    1) Upgrades and maintenance charges for the E911 system
    2) Capital outlay for surveillance equipment, crime statistics mapping and technology for deputies
    3) Salaries and benefits for employees involved with Crime Scene, Narcotics Investigations, Victims of Crimes Advocates and overtime for deputies assisting in specialized assignments with the FBI and the US Marshal Service
    4) Refined all electronic financial processes to minimize supply usage and better utilize the time involved of all personnel.
    5) Renewed the memorandums of understanding with the FBI and U.S. Marshal Service in order to compensate deputies for specialized assignments and reimburse fuel costs associated with these incidents.
    6) Worked with bureau chiefs to improve the reporting process among all levels of operations to include remote and efficient access to the databases for their areas of accountability.