Counterfeit-Xanax-Pills-Containing-Fentanyl-1For Immediate Release

December 7, 2017

Santa Rosa Beach, Fla—  A 15-year-old is arrested following an investigation into the sale of narcotics.

In October of this year, Walton County Sheriff’s Office was notified Brendon Wayne Anderson, 15, was selling a prescription equivalent of Xanax to juveniles in Walton and neighboring counties. An investigation was launched and investigators were able to confirm the information.

A warrant was issued for his arrest and Anderson was picked up at his home in Santa Rosa Beach on December 6th. Anderson was charged with the sale of a controlled substance, which is a third-degree felony. After screening by the Department of Juvenile Justice he was released to his parent’s custody pending future court hearings.

“Every pill on the street illegally provides a level of danger to the person taking it,” said Sheriff Michael Adkinson. “Our goal is to prevent potential overdoses and keep these dangerous drugs out of the hands of our children.”


Public Information Officer, Walton County Sheriff's Office of the Sheriff Michael Adkinson.

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