Following a month long donation drive and a five hour trek driving a  U-haul full of supplies a handful of Walton County Sheriff’s Office employees delivered much needed relief to Baton Rouge Tuesday.

Lieutenant Angie Hogeboom initiated efforts by rallying the community to donate everything from clothes, air mattresses, toiletries and more. The response was overwhelming.

“What really prompted the idea was hearing about displaced officers because of the flooding,” said Lieutenant Hogeboom. “We just had to help them and the communities that they serve.” 

The Walton County community was up to the task filling the lobby of WCSO’s North Administration office in less than a month. Grant Blackwell, owner of Coastal Insurance, personally rented a U-Haul for deputies to drive to Louisiana.


Deputies making the drive to Baton Rouge were greeted by officers from Baton Rouge Police Department.

“Everyone was so thankful,” said Hogeboom. “This was just a small gesture. It was the least we could do.”

All those making the trip to New Orleans will return to Walton County Wednesday.



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